[hobbit] badTEST:x:y:z not working

Frédéric Mangeant frederic.mangeant at steria.com
Thu Aug 11 16:31:57 CEST 2005

Henrik Stoerner a écrit :

>On Thu, Aug 11, 2005 at 01:46:16PM +0200, Heinecke at hansenet.com wrote:
>>Dear all,
>>looks to me, as if the "badTEST:x:y:z" tags are not working. 
>>I.e. "badssh:1:2:3" turns immediatley red if ssh goes down at the monitored host. 
>There has been some reports about this, but I never got around to
>looking into exactly what caused it.

Hi Henrik

I have 2 questions about badTEST :

- if I want a test to go yellow at the 1st failure and red at the 2nd, 
is the syntax "badTEST:1:1:2" correct ?

I had problems with bbgen 2.16 (some tests went red at the 1st failure). 
With the patch you posted and latest 4.1.2 snapshot, I get this

yellow for 00:53
and then red

Is it because "bbretest" runs every minute ?

- if I want ALL my network tests to go yellow at the 1st failure and red 
at the 2nd, can I add this at the top of my bb-hosts :         .default.       # badconn:1:1:2 badftp:1:1:2 
badtelnet:1:1:2 [...]

Thanks in advance for your answers.


Frédéric Mangeant

Steria EDC Sophia-Antipolis

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