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Thu Aug 11 13:46:16 CEST 2005

Dear all,
looks to me, as if the "badTEST:x:y:z" tags are not working. 
I.e. "badssh:1:2:3" turns immediatley red if ssh goes down at the monitored host. 
I've looked into bbtest-net.c and figured out, that ..
- At line 775, the for loop << "for (swalk=svchead; (swalk && strcmp(swalk->testname, testname)); swalk = swalk->next) >>
compares swalk->testname and testname ---> which are never equal, because the string testname always includes the :x.y:z settings and swalk->testname (of course) not.
Hmmm... your experiences? I've found no posting about this kind of issue on the list, and i think "badTEST" is one of the most important tags. 
I'am using 4.1.1 (4.1.2 (snapshot 09.08.05  also testet - same effect) @ Linux (Debian sarge and Solaris 8
:-) Thx! Michael
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