[hobbit] Hobbit client OS support issues

Michael Nemeth michael.nemeth at lmco.com
Thu Aug 11 13:13:09 CEST 2005

I Though I tried it before and it didn't work! So I tied it again and 
realized you're  parsing for the header line!
So I ended up with this:
echo "[df]"
echo "Filesystem          1024-blocks  Used  Available Capacity Mounted on"
df -Pk | grep ^/dev
Looks good now.

Also this is the client on the hobbit server , ive been restarting the 
server to get client change but I assume its
ok to use the runclient.sh script.

One other thing , one other thing , a popular Distro of  Perl for the hp 
goes in  /opt/perl but others go
in /usr and /usr/local   and the old one in /usr/contrib.  Ive all of 
them on system .  The config script pick one
I don't want to use;  so Ive been edit the perl.sh just to have 
/opt/perl in it.   Be nice if I could just supply this
as an option the configure.

BTW Thanks for the great support and great program!

Henrik Stoerner wrote:

>On Tue, Aug 09, 2005 at 02:31:21PM -0400, Michael Nemeth wrote:
>>As far a df goes there are really no options to  do this You can look 
>>for fs types but there are several valid ones.
>>In BB I just grepped
>>df   -Pk | grep ^/dev
>Well, you can do that in the Hobbit client as well. The
>~hobbit/client/bin/hobbitclient-hp-ux.sh client program *is* a shell
>script, so sticking your grep on the df command there will work.
>I'll look at your netstat output.
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