hobbit slows down

Olivier Beau olivier at qalpit.com
Thu Aug 11 04:49:55 CEST 2005

Hi henrik,

this problem happened twice in 1 week (those last thuesday at 3am to  
be precise).

hobbitd just slows down dramaticly, causing bbtest's results  
transmition to take over 250s instead of 20s;
the rrd files aren't being updated anymore and some requests to cgi's  
are saying event is not available..
notifications are being sent though and external scripts don't seem  
to be affected

doing a stop/start of hobbit solved the problem right now.
i don't have -debug on for hobbitd, and there isnt anything  
insteresting in log's files..

i've looked and haven't seen any cron or other jobs that could be  
launch at 3am, btw the cpu is pretty idle too (no rrd files are  
beeing updated..)

any idea ?

(i did a ps auxww before stopping if that could help..; i'm running  
redhat 3.0)


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