[hobbit] Status not available?

Henrik Stoerner henrik at hswn.dk
Wed Aug 10 23:55:30 CEST 2005

On Wed, Aug 10, 2005 at 05:13:36PM -0400, Wes Neal wrote:
> I am running this command which I am sure I am doing wrong somehow:
> QUERY_STRING="HOSTSVC=dabwtx01,mcilink,com.comm" REQUEST_URL=""
> /export/home/bb/cgi-bin/bb-hostsvc.sh
> I get a coredump, if that SHOULD be URI like you had I thought it was a typo

It's not a typo :-)

> I get this:
> QUERY_STRING="HOSTSVC=dabwtx01,mcilink,com.comm" REQUEST_URI=""

The last part of the HOSTSVC value is the column-name. Do you have
a "comm" column ? Or should it be "conn" - with an 'n' ? I think so.

> There is now a cigerror.log file and it contains these lines which only
> occurred from my testing it didn't exist before:

> 2005-08-10 16:09:05 hobbitsvc connect to bbd failed - Connection refused
> 2005-08-10 16:09:05 hobbitsvc Whoops ! bb failed to send message -
> Connection failed

It looks like the CGI script fails to pick up the Hobbit environment
setting that defines the IP of the Hobbit server. This is taken from
the BBDISP setting in the hobbitserver.cfg.

Try making the cgierror.log file writable by your webserver user-id,
that should make any errors from the real requests show up in that


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