Hobbit Client "Issues"

Jeffcoat, Al Al.Jeffcoat at orhs.org
Wed Aug 10 14:33:38 CEST 2005



After running the client overnight on an AIX server, and a Tru64 server,
I've noticed a couple of things for each platform.



The netstat graph is not populating on the server, but it appears that
the client is sending the data across when you look at the "client data
available".  I tried to send examples, but it was rejected due to size

I'm getting "/hobbit/client/bin/hobbitclient-aix.sh[35]: top:  not
found." in the hobbitclient.log.  Is there a way to check if a command
exists before trying to run it?  I know how to put top on, but I don't
use it anymore (haven't in years), is there a way to "turn it off", or
is it just easier to remove the top definition from the
hobbitclient-aix.sh file?



I'm getting the following errors:

/hobbit/client/bin/hobbitclient-osf1.sh: swapon: not found

/hobbit/client/bin/hobbitclient-osf1.sh: netstat: not found

/hobbit/client/bin/hobbitclient-osf1.sh: top: not found


Swapon and netstat both exist on this server, but they are not being
found.  I figured I could add the path to the command in the
hobbitclient-osf1.sh file, but I wanted to make sure this was the right
way to do it.  The .profile file the hobbit user didn't contain the
right path for these files, but that was corrected, and we restarted the
client, with the same effect.


Thanks, and have a great day




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