Pre-req setup problem for Hobbit

Wes Neal wes.neal at
Wed Aug 10 13:32:34 CEST 2005

I have used BB for 5 years now, but am building a new hoBBit server
currently.  I am just trying to get the pre-reqs in place and am having
problems with RRDtool because of a dependency it has on Freetype 2.  I have
posted a question to the freetype mailing list but maybe someone knows here
as well.  I am running Solaris 8 and trying to compile freetype 2.1.9.  I am
getting this error doing the configure:

checking for egrep... configure: error: no acceptable egrep could be found
in $PATH
make: *** [builds/unix/] Error 1

There are are two egrep commands in $PATH, I am not sure why it is
complaining unless by default neither of them do what it wants.  I don't
know of a newer or better egrep though to get.

Anyone got any ideas?


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