[hobbit] Problems starting snapshot install...

Erwin.Furth at Postbankmail.nl Erwin.Furth at Postbankmail.nl
Wed Aug 10 10:02:56 CEST 2005


You didn't specify your OS, but I had the same problem on Solaris 8,
with hobbitd failing during a shmat() call with return code 24 (EMFILE),
which under IPC means "too many shared memory segments" rather than "too
many files". I found out that Solaris (several versions) limits the
number of shm segments a process can attach to by default to 6. Since
hobbitd now needs 7 of them, you'll need to raise this system-wide limit
by tuning the shmseg parameter in /etc/system, e.g.

set shmsys:shminfo_shmseg=7

The /etc/system file only gets read during a reboot. Related parameters
are shmmin, shmmax, and shmmni. Hope this points in the right direction,
even if you are not using Solaris.

Erwin Furth

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From: Bob Gordon [mailto:rgordonjr at gmail.com] 
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Subject: [hobbit] Problems starting snapshot install...

Hello -

I downloaded the latest snapshot tonight and was able to compile and
install it.  I am running into a problem starting it however.  When I
execute the hobbit.sh start (or restart) it appears to execute correctly
however nothing appears on the website.  In looking through the logs I
found the following:

2005-08-10 07:06:17 Loading hostnames
2005-08-10 07:06:17 Loading saved state
2005-08-10 07:06:17 Setting up network listener on
2005-08-10 07:06:17 Setting up signal handlers 2005-08-10 07:06:17
Setting up hobbitd channels 2005-08-10 07:06:17 Could not attach shm Too
many open files 2005-08-10 07:06:17 Cannot setup client channel
2005-08-10 07:06:17 Task hobbitd terminated, status 1

Any ideas?

--==[ Bob Gordon ]==--

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