[hobbit] Connection problems with bbproxy

Kasperowicz, Shaun (Contractor) shaun.kasperowicz at xo.com
Tue Aug 9 21:03:21 CEST 2005

Well after some more snooping, we find that bbproxy never makes a complete tcp connection with the BB server.  You can see several connection attempts, but they are never completed, and the data is never sent from bbproxy to the BB server.  On any regular client, the connection is established and you can see the BB data sent in plain text:

0: 0800 209f 58f0 0800 20c7 8e53 0800 4500    .. .X... ..S..E.
          16: 05dc a1e7 4000 ff06 996c 0a58 130d 0a58    .... at ....l.X...X
          32: 130b c249 07c0 0ec9 f02e 889b fce3 5010    ...I........ΓΌ.P.
          48: 2238 8271 0000 636f 6d62 6f0a 7374 6174    "8.q..combo.stat
          64: 7573 206d 7774 6573 7431 2e64 6973 6b20    us mwtest1.disk
          80: 6772 6565 6e20 5475 6520 4175 6720 2039    green Tue Aug  9
          96: 2031 313a 3431 3a35 3420 5044 5420 3230     11:41:54 PDT 20
         112: 3035 202d 2044 6973 6b20 7061 7274 6974    05 - Disk partit
         128: 696f 6e73 206f 6e20 6d77 7465 7374 3120    ions on mwtest1
         144: 4f4b 0a0a 7377 6170 2020 2020 2020 2020    OK..

The bbproxy never gets that far...as if it's doing something during the negotiation that our old BB server doesn't like, so it drops the connections.  I'm beginning to think that our BB1.8b clients and server are too old for us to use bbproxy with them.  Is this possible?  I'm not sure how far back Hobbit is compatible with BB.  Also, is there a way to make logging more verbose with bbproxy?  That might help the troubleshooting.


-Shaun Kasperowicz

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I have a BB server (and clients) running 1.8b.  Most of our systems are inside the firewall and are monitored easily.  For the few external servers we used bbfetch with good results for several years.  Recently we added a large amount of servers outside the private network, which caused some bottlenecking and performance issues with bbfetch, so I decided to try bbproxy.

So far I have been able to make the external clients send to the bbproxy server, and the bbproxy server can make contact through the firewall to the BBDISPLAY server on tcp1984.  However, the BBDISPLAY server is not doing anything with the data.  Both the bbproxy and the external client are in bb-hosts, and I can see tcp connections being made on both ends via snoop.  I also don't see any errors in BBOUT, even when I run bbd in debug mode.  I've eliminated the firewall as well, and still have the same results.

This is how I am starting bbproxy:

/opt/bb/bin/bbproxy \
--bbdisplay= \
--pidfile=/var/run/bbproxy.pid \
--logfile=/opt/bb/tmp/bbproxy.log \
--log-details \

And this is what I see when I tail the bbproxy logs:

2005-08-08 16:48:12 : status btndev8.disk
2005-08-08 16:48:14 : status btndev8.top
2005-08-08 16:48:38 Server not responding, message lost
2005-08-08 16:48:38 Server not responding, message lost
2005-08-08 16:48:38 Server not responding, message lost
2005-08-08 16:48:38 Server not responding, message lost
2005-08-08 16:48:40 Server not responding, message lost

Has anyone run into this before?  Do I need to be running BB/Hobbit on the proxy server too?  Any insight is appreciated.


-Shaun Kasperowicz

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