[hobbit] logging of disabled hosts/services

Henrik Stoerner henrik at hswn.dk
Mon Aug 8 16:27:22 CEST 2005

On Mon, Aug 08, 2005 at 09:56:04AM -0400, Sue Bauer-Lee wrote:
> Seems like when I first started to use Hobbit (v4.0.1 maybe) all 
> acknowledged and disabled events were logged - somewhere. In v4.0.4, unless
> I'm really missing something, only acknowledgements are logged to 
> /var/log/hobbit/acknowledge.log.... I don't see any log entries for disabled
> hosts. 

I dont think disable/enable events have ever been logged, except as part
of the status history along with all of the other red/yellow/green/blue

> Where should one expect to see logged messages pertaining to disabled events?
> We do require an audit trail for both acknowledged and disabled events.

The status history and the event log.

However, your question has made me think that a full audit-trail log of
events might be useful. Right now the changes that happen in Hobbit are
logged in a number of files, and some of it requires you to dig into
the historical logs to get the details (e.g. who disabled it and why).

> On another note, how complicated would it be to include a customizable
> "pick" list of "Cause" messages for use when diaabling or acknowledging hosts?

Not terribly difficult - these web forms are generated from template
files in ~hobbit/server/web/{acknowledge,maint}_form so if you just want
to replase the text-entry box with a dropdown-list, it's a simple matter
of changing the HTML. If you want to have the possibility of both using
a drop-down list AND a free-format text entry it will require a slight
change of the code to pick up the data from the right input field. It 
could probably be done with a bit of Javascript, if you know how to.


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