logging of disabled hosts/services

Sue Bauer-Lee sblee at tazmania.org
Mon Aug 8 15:56:04 CEST 2005

Seems like when I first started to use Hobbit (v4.0.1 maybe) all 
acknowledged and disabled events were logged - somewhere. In v4.0.4, unless
I'm really missing something, only acknowledgements are logged to 
/var/log/hobbit/acknowledge.log.... I don't see any log entries for disabled

The scneario that reminded me to mention this is that Saturday night a tech
acknowledged an event for 2 hours. Logged. Another tech went behind him
and disabled the event for 8 hours. Not logged - the only evidence exists
in the web interface. I repeatedly checked that acknowledge.log looking
for the updated entry and never saw it. :-(

Where should one expect to see logged messages pertaining to disabled events?
We do require an audit trail for both acknowledged and disabled events.

On another note, how complicated would it be to include a customizable
"pick" list of "Cause" messages for use when diaabling or acknowledging hosts?

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