R: [hobbit] bb-hostedit v1.1 beta released

Francesco Duranti fduranti at q8.it
Thu Aug 4 16:29:28 CEST 2005

Hi, I'm starting to try to use the bb-hostedit tool because I need that other people without unix knowledge can manipulate the bb-hosts file to edit it and configure new client/test. 
I've a problem with pageset. bb-hostedit don't recognize them so i get errors when he load the file.
For example i get a "Syntax error: inetpage Web Web Servers" 

It's possible in a future version to have pagesets work with bb-hostedit (if not to edit them at least to leave them where they are)?

Thanks for the real good work.


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Oops.  Looks like I already found a bug (users with a .default. host defined will notice a one-off problem whenever they try to modify anything).

The patch is here:

or you can just re-download the 1.2b tarball, which is fixed.


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Sorry about that!  I just got back from getting married (and subsequent honeymoon), so when my DSL modem overheated and died, it took my website with it. :(

Anyways, right before I left I finished the latest beta version, get it here:

If nobody (hopefully) finds any major bugs in this release, I'll throw it up on deadcat.


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Has anyone seen anymore work on this?  Anyone able to get the program?  
I have been trying, but can not reach the website.

Schwimmer, Eric E *HS wrote:

>Get it here:
>Once you guys have beaten on it for a little bit, I'll put it up on 
>deadcat (although I'll make all the options set to the bigbrother 
>defaults when I do that).
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