Antwort: Re: [hobbit] Arithmetic exception in hobbitd_client

cits.bogajewski at cits.bogajewski at
Thu Aug 4 11:28:24 CEST 2005


after applying of the patch there was a missing ";" at the end of line
391: memorysummary = "detection FAILED";
not a problem, but just to let you know. 

> Could it be that the system you compiled 
> hpux-meminfo on is a different OS version than the one you're running it
> on ?
Yes its true :/ hpux 11.11 vs. hpux 11.00

> I know that might be easier said than done.
hm.. i'll have to meditate about the 'how' for a while.

Thanks for help! hobbitd_client is working again.

Anatoli Bogajewski

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