Blue alert address on info page

Allan allan at
Thu Aug 4 08:59:29 CEST 2005

I have an email address that is coming up on the info page for a host 
that is coming up in a blue color, and is also listed twice.

sslcert    customer at (S)    -    -    1d     -    purple,yellow,red
ourpager at (R)    -    -    15m     -    purple,red

The first one comes up from an explicit rule I have for the customers 
host that will notify them if thier ssl certificate is about to expire, 
this alert line also has a STOP param on it so it doesnt go any further
The second one I think is coming up from a host=* entry I have at the 
very end to match anything that isnt explicitly defined further up the file

If I do the hobbit alert test thing (its wicked now that henrik added 
some bits for me, cheers again) and it only matches the first one and 
simulates sending one email and thats it.

Am I going insane or does the blue color mean that its excluded in some 
sort of strange way



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