[hobbit] External Tests

Antonio Marques hobbitsam at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 23:17:50 CEST 2005

Which tests you can port to hobbit ??

Here we had many external tests (scripts) to test Flexlm, Oracle, etc,
when we were using BigBrother..
Now these tests are made using hobbitlaunch.cfg.. Testting a port, for example.

Remenber to change/include variables in hobbitserver.cfg and/or in
external tests.

Antonio Marques

2005/8/3, Trent Melcher <tmelcher at saionline.com>:
> Does anyone have a sample external test for Hobbit.....I have a few external
> BigBrother tests that I would like to port over to hobbit.  I dont plan on
> installing a BigBrother client on these boxes, just plan on using the
> hobbitclient.  I tried using the hobbitclient scripts as an example but not
> having too much success, however I havent dug into it too deep yet.   
> Thanks 
> Trent 
> Trent Melcher
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> tmelcher at saionline.com 
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