mrtg - again

Sue Bauer-Lee sblee at
Wed Aug 3 17:18:36 CEST 2005

Help - I'm confused. 
I've taken a valid MRTG config file - one that generates MRTG data for one
router and made the modifications as described in the HOWTO doc. Hobbit appears
to be successfully collecting all the requested data. The Trends page shows
8 identically labeled MRTG graphs; only 2 have data on them. 

What other information can I provide here to get help understanding why:

	1. the existing graphed data doesn't like it's corresponding MRTG 
	grpahed data (MRTG native)?

	2. why the graphs aren't labeled as the they are in the native MRTG
	to differentiate the date?

	3. why all the collected data isn't being grpahed?

	4. is bbmrtg the better solution than the native Hobbit option?

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