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Wed Aug 3 16:28:17 CEST 2005

Hm.. i was using the latest snapshot where almost naming problems are 

I was just doing some cosmetical fixes and implement my customtests as my 
remote client stopped reporting any data. msg.txt is created, anything is 
fine but server gets no report. 

Give me some time for investigation.. Your clients still not works?

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03.08.2005 15:35
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Re: [hobbit] hpux client optimization

What other changes have you made to get the client to work?
I think I went a differnt route to get mine to work.;  running the 
client seppartly and :
MACHINE="`uname -n`"                    # This systems hostname
BBOSTYPE="`uname -s | tr '[A-Z]' '[a-z]' | tr -d '-'`"  # This systems 
operating system in lowercase
That is filtering out the - sign.

Saw the top problem too.

cits.bogajewski at wrote:

>Hi Henrik,
>Hi Folks,
>thanks for your help prior, at the moment the server seems to be stable 
>Here are some smaller OS related problems with client  i noticed.
>Withing [source]/client/Makefile
>     3  ifeq ($(OSTYPE),hpux)
>     4          EXTRATOOLS=hpux-meminfo
>..should be hp-ux i guess. At the moment it remains uncompiled.
>Within "" you redirect output of TOP command, but 
>this not works. The output looks like
>[?25h78System: myserverWed Aug  3 14:18:54 2005
>Something like this works for me:
>echo "[top]"
>top -d 1 -f $BBHOME/tmp/top.OUT
>cat $BBHOME/tmp/top.OUT
>rm $BBHOME/tmp/top.OUT
>Hope it helps.
>Anatoli Bogajewski
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