[hobbit] Config Report

Kauffman, Tom KauffmanT at nibco.com
Tue Aug 2 16:34:10 CEST 2005

I haven't looked at this one yet (I'm in the process of swapping out the
bulk of our AIX boxen, due to end of lease) -- but if you want *real*
overkill on system configs, look at cfg2html. I run this once a week, on
Sundays, and stuff the resulting html on my hobbit server in www/notes
so I can access it by clicking the system name link.

Available for HP-UX, AIX, and Solaris (and maybe others -- I just do
AIX) at //http:groups.yahoo.com/group/cfg2html.


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On Tue, Aug 02, 2005 at 10:49:10AM +1000, Allan wrote:
> Just been looking on Henriks' demo site and noticed the config report 
> bit under one of the menus so I went looking to try and do the same. 
> About the only thing I can find is the header and footer files in the 
> web directory but I cant see anything else about how to get this (but
> may be blind)

It's created dynamically by pulling a bunch of information from the 
bb-hosts file and the running Hobbit daemon.

Looking at it now, it seems I'll have to rework it slightly to make
it look nicer with all the info from the new client.

> Can someone tell me if this is possible or is this something cool
> has done :)

I try to do cool stuff :-)

Seriously, this report is something that was created for a specific
request I had at work. Some of the paper-pushers there insisted on
having a hard-copy print-out of what is being monitored by Hobbit as
part of the operational documentation (never mind that monitoring is
fairly dynamic and frequently changes after that documentation has
been produced ...) So this report was done so that I don't have to
collect that information by hand.

I've noted your suggestion that it would be nice to leave out parts
of the report - I think that is fairly easy to implement, so I'll have
a look at that.


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