[hobbit] Problems supressing yellow alerts

Schwimmer, Eric E *HS EES2Y at hscmail.mcc.virginia.edu
Mon Aug 1 18:35:43 CEST 2005

After looking at this a little more, I realize that the NOPROPYELLOW
statement is working (don't know about the bbgen --nopropyellow flag,

I was fooled by the fact that the yellow alarms were appearing in the
event-log display on the bb2 page (they were not appearing at the top of
the bb2 page, and were not setting the background 'alarm color').

We have one non-critical test that is cluttering up our event-log
display.  I'd really like to be able to prevent a specific test from
appearing in the bb2 event-log display;  is there a way to do this, and,
if not, could I put in a feature request? :)


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> Subject: [hobbit] Problems supressing yellow alerts
> Howdy all,
> I wanted to see if anybody else had any experience /w this 
> before I go poking at code.
> I've got a test (called 'if_load') that I want to suppress 
> yellow alerts for.  Now I've tried three methods for doing this: 
> . using the 'NOPROPYELLOW:if_load' explicity for each host.
> . using 'NOPROPYELLOW:if_load' in conjunction with a 
> .default. host statement
> . using --nopropyellow=if_load in the bbgen cmd line in 
> hobbitlaunch.cfg
> In the first two cases, I get a "Suppressed warnings 
> (yellow): if_load" in the 'info' screen of all defined hosts. 
>  When using --nopropyellow method, I dont even get a msg in 
> the info screen (even after restarting hobbit).
> Regardless of which method I use, yellow alerts for if_load 
> still trickle upwards to the bb2 screen.  Anybody seen 
> anything like that?
> Regards,
> -Eric
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