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Thanks a lot Henrik, 

i'll test new code...

Anatoli Bogajewski

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Re: [hobbit] hpux

On Mon, Aug 01, 2005 at 02:53:10PM +0200, 
cits.bogajewski at wrote:
> i have still problems to get the newest version of hobbit server on HPUX 

> 11.11 running. Since the server component is not running, i cant say 
> something about the new client.. :(
> So it would be interesting to hear whether someone got 4.1.1 or the 
> snapshot running and i would be grateful if you could take a look on 
> problem.. some additional details are included within my last email on 
> 26.07..
> The error appears once a minute within bb-display.log:
> "hobbitd status-board not available"
> The "hobbitd" task dies with signal 6 once a minute as well, leaving a 
> core file. 

Those two are related: When hobbitd crashes, it cannot provide the data
that the display task needs to build the webpages.

> GDB output as following:
> #8  0xc019901c in free () from /usr/lib/libc.2
> #9  0x0000bf9c in main (argc=0, argv=0x0) at hobbitd.c:3621

This one is interesting, because it looks like a regular problem with 
releasing a buffer used to store a request that has been handled by

I've done some reviewing of the hobbitd code today, and would like you
to try out the current version. You can pick up the single file from - just save this 
to the snapshot/hobbitd/ directory and run "make" to rebuild Hobbit.
Shutdown Hobbit (you probably already have), run "make install" and
start Hobbit. Any better ?

If not, I'd like you to edit the file snapshot/lib/memory.h and 
change the line near the top that reads
   #undef MEMORY_DEBUG
   #define MEMORY_DEBUG 1

Then run "make clean; make lib-build hobbitd-build". Then instead of
"make install", do a "cp hobbitd/hobbitd /usr/local/hobbit/server/bin/" 
(adjust if your Hobbit server is not in /usr/local/hobbit/server/).

This will still crash, but hopefully it will generate some more output
in the logfile before crashing.


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