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dbcheck.pl undo tablespace and memory check


I use the hobbit extension script dbcheck.pl for checking my oracle 
databases. Now for the first time one of my databases gets a tablespace 
full warning on the undo tablespace. dbcheck.pl says undotablespace is 
filled up to 99%. But Enterprise Manager says it's only 75%.

Further analysis shows that indeed dba_free_space is up to 99%. As I 
understand this, it does not make sense to check dba_free_space for undo 
tablespaces because dba_free_space only shows the free data at the end of 
a datafile, not the free blocks in the middle of the files (maybe this is 
also tru with tablespaces containing BLOBs).

So I think it would be more sensefull to ignore undo tablespaces in the 
tablespace check, therefor dbcheck has the undo-check. How can I filter 
out all the undo tablespaces without knowing their exact names in general. 
BTW: in the graph section of the tablespace-checks the undo tablespaces 
are missing already, why?

Another problem is the MemReq-check. It shows the sum of all errors since 
the beginning of time. I think this is more a database issue, but how can 
I clear the counter if I think I have repaired the cause?

Thank you

Thorsten Erdmann

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