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purple hosts - better fix

I think this is a better fix for purple hosts.

I was thinking about why there was the while loop and I am guessing
there could be a duration like: 1d4h10m

So with that I left the while loop in and at the end of the block where
startofval is set if *p I changed the test since space counts as a valid
char for *p.

This is in the 4.4.0 branch so the line numbers may not match for other
source versions.

Index: lib/timefunc.c
--- lib/timefunc.c      (revision 6223)
+++ lib/timefunc.c      (working copy)
@@ -475,7 +475,7 @@

                result += oneval;
-               startofval = ((*p) ? p+1 : NULL);
+        startofval = ((*p) ? ((isspace((int)*p)) ? NULL : p+1) :

        return result;