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RE: [hobbit] Re:[hobbit] Citrix Monitoring Anyone?

Sorry I answered this kind of late, but I was re-building our xymon server.
I monitor who is logged in the citrix servers using the who and bb-win and it list all the sessions, and the usernames. Since it is a simple list it will not cause resource eating which you want to avoid since Citrix will also monitor the resources.
Otherwise you could call the metric from the server since Citrix will add metrics to it. I have no idea how to do that however since I can't program at all :)

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> Hi,
> Did you try deadcat 's script bb-citrix.pl ?

I haven't tried it, although I do not believe I will need it since I
wish to use devmon to collect any data the Citrix server reports, via
SNMP of course.  My biggest hurdle right now is getting a Citrix
templates directory and necessary files for Citrix.

> As you I could be very interested if someone had already done a citrix script.

I will of course post any updates to this list for all to read.

> Regards,
> Fred.
> Greetings All!
> I am designing my Xymon setup, and in reading some of the material I've discovered that Xymon is capable of a limited view of Citrix, that limit being the ability to see only the number of users connected.
> Has anyone been able to also add the ability to see who is logged on, the date/time of their login as well?
> Of course, any other info too would be great to have.
> Thank you!
> .vadim

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