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purple conn for one host

I have been going nuts trying to figure out why the conn test for one
host of mine always goes purple.

It will be purple for about 4 min then green for a few secs then purple
again.  But the whole time the status message is "Service conn on
28512dbtst is OK (up)"

The name of the host is "28512dbtst".
If I rename it to "dbtst" it stays green.  But rename to "28512dbtst"
and purple again.
I rename to "x28512dbtst" and it stays green.

So I am thinking maybe hobbit doesn't like a name starting with a

I have another host "28512aptst" and that stays green. 

If I run bbtest-net from the command line the color will turn green for
a second and then back to purple.
It is almost like the automatic run of bbtest-net isn't updating the
correct status for the color even though the message says it is up.

Anyone have any ideas?