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Re: [hobbit] Metrics Report

Thanks Buchan,

I found that there is a RAM-Multi graph definition defined, which will be 
sufficient for my needs right now. 

Chris Bodnar, MCSE
Systems Engineer
Distributed Systems Service Delivery - Intel Services
Guardian Life Insurance Company of America
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From:   Buchan Milne <bgmilne (at) staff.telkomsa.net>
To:     hobbit (at) hswn.dk
Cc:     "Christopher Bodnar" <christopher_bodnar (at) glic.com>
Date:   02/10/2010 02:45 AM
Subject:        Re: [hobbit] Metrics Report

On Tuesday, 9 February 2010 22:17:19 Christopher Bodnar wrote:
> I'm relatively new to Hobbit. I've successfully created a CPU metrics
> report for multiple hosts by modifying the URL, specifically by adding
> additional &HOST= entries and modifying the start and end times to 
> the report. This has worked successfully for CPU, but I would like to do
> the same thing for RAM. It doesn't seem to work, having multiple &HOST=
> entries if the service is =memory.  The ideal result will be a report 
> just shows the "real" bar graph, not the swap bar graph, for each of the
> hosts I need.
> Anyone have some suggestions regarding this?

Add a memory-multi graph definition in hobbitgraph.cfg, based on the 
memory graph definition, but with similar changes as between the la and 
multi graph definitions.


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