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Re: [hobbit] Hobbit following cluster nodes (or can I include a file in localclient.cfg)

On Tuesday 02 February 2010, L.M.J wrote:
> Hi,
>   I have a passive/active cluster on 2 Linux servers :
For AIX, I created a script that runs on each cluster node.  Each node has a 
normal hobbit client running.  I also have an entry in bb-hosts for each 
clustered application.

I have a config file where I link the ip address to the Xymon name I used in bb-
hosts (or you can use an other method in stead of the ip address to figure out 
wich applications are running a cluster node).

Each cluster nodes runs a external script that uses the previous config file to 
figure out wich applications are running.  For each application, it generates a 
file with the same syntax as the normal hobbit client does and it sends the 
content with the correct hobbit client name to the xymon server.
You can see the syntax if you click on 'Client data available' on a disk 

So basically, I have a hobbit client running per application on the cluster 
that behaves exactly like a normal client.
I even configured external tests per application in the config file.

Hope this helps.