[Xymon] Display xymon server modules on own line

Mark O. Stitson mark at stitson.com
Tue Jun 16 21:28:14 CEST 2020

I’m assuming that server1 and localhost are actually the same machine. But Xymon thinks they are different.


Somehow you need to convince Xymon that those both are server1, then you can have:


group-only bbd|xymond|xymongen|xymonnet Xymon Server server1

group-except bbd|xymond|xymongen|xymonnet Servers   server1   server2


There are 2 ways in general to make this happen. Check server/etc/xymonserver.cfg and look for the line


Try changing it to 



The other option is to use the CLIENT: flag in hosts.cfg. Look for “CLIENT:hostname” in the hosts.cfg man page.





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Hmm, I see how I could use "group-except xymond|xymongen|xymonnet Servers" to eliminate the unwanted columns from that group, but how do I add them to the "xymon server modules" line (which is on its own, without & before the first group* directive)?  


On 6/16/2020 9:40 AM, Mark O. Stitson wrote:

Hi Marcin,


rather than using the group directive look at the man page for hosts.cfg https://xymon/xymon/help/manpages/man5/hosts.cfg.5.html and find the section describing group-only and group-except. Those are special versions of the group command which let you include or exclude certain columns.




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My old hobbit config:     localhost  # noconn bbd NAME:"xymon server modules"
group Servers
<server1-ip>  server1    # http://server1/     NOCOLUMNS:files,ports
<server2-ip>  server2    # http://server2/path NOCOLUMNS:files,ports
<server3-ip>  ...
used to display hobbit-server-specific tests separate from the other tests, even though the modules reported actually run on server1.  This was a nifty trick not to have these tests listed for all servers, with only server1 reporting, and others displaying dashes.
After moving to xymon, on the "xymon server modules" I only see bbd, info, and trends; xymond, xymongen, and xymonnet magically moved to the server1 line, defeating the purpose of this split.  
How can I achieve this split, where xymon server modules are listed on their own line?  
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