[Xymon] Display xymon server modules on own line

Marcin Struzak kunci at struzak.com
Tue Jun 16 18:29:09 CEST 2020

My old hobbit config:     localhost  # noconn bbd NAME:"xymon server modules"group 
Servers<server1-ip>  server1    # http://server1/     
NOCOLUMNS:files,ports<server2-ip>  server2    # http://server2/path 
NOCOLUMNS:files,ports<server3-ip>  ... ...

used to display hobbit-server-specific tests separate from the other tests, even though the modules reported actually run on server1.  This was a nifty trick not to have these tests listed for all servers, with only server1 reporting, and others displaying dashes.

After moving to xymon, on the "xymon server modules" I only see bbd, info, and trends; xymond, xymongen, and xymonnet magically moved to the server1 line, defeating the purpose of this split.

How can I achieve this split, where xymon server modules are listed on their own line?


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