[Xymon] Monitoring AWS

Damien Martins damien at makelofine.org
Tue Jan 28 09:45:06 CET 2020

Hi all,

I'm starting to work on a set of Xymon client extensions to monitor 
Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources.

As my own use case is not very representative, could you let me know 
what is missing in this list ?

-EC2 instances checks (only the infrastructure layer, as the OS can 
easily run genuine xymon client)

-RDS instances

-CloudWatch metrics/logs (most important, as it can be used as a central 

-CloudTrail events

-S3 usage

-IAM users/roles/policies (to ensure nothing changed)

-CloudFormation (check stacks are not drifting from template)

Feel free to tell me what service are missing, and explain the use case, 
the important things to check.

This could be a long work, so do not expect to have something delivered 
before Q2.

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