[Xymon] New to Xymon, looking for resources

Anna Maurer annam at berkeley.edu
Tue Feb 25 17:16:59 CET 2020

Ah, a custom test. Thanks, I'll poke into that. I was searching on this and
ended up on a page that seemed to indicate the Apt test was an offered
plugin, but the GitHub page was empty.






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Apt sounds like a custom test your predecessor wrote. It could be run as a
cron job, or it could be found in the tasks of the Xymon client on the
ubuntu machine. 


You set what files, processes, ports, etc that you want to monitor in the
analysis.cfg file on the Xymon server. You set what notification you want in
the alerts.cfg file on the Xymon server.   The man pages for those files is
found in the 'Help' menu on your Xymon server's web page.


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Hello Xymon mailing list,


First, I apologize in advance if I violate any norms or protocol. I'm a
fairly new Sys Admin and just subscribed to the list.


I moved into a position previously held by a long time, very creative, smart
person, in a department with not a lot of money and the historical attitude
of "making do." I have a couple dozen systems under my control, from Window
servers, to a Rasberry Pi, to Ubuntu standalone servers, and any mix of the
above as Virtual machines, both hosted on an internal server, and at the
Data Center managed by our parent organization.


My predecessor set up Xymon to monitor things and it is working well. But I
would like to extend and modify it and I'm having a very hard time finding
clear resources on how to do what I would like to do, such as:


-          Add monitoring installed packages on the Ubuntu systems. Two of
my systems have the 'apt' column (SERVICE=apt), but I can't find
instructions on how to install that feature on the others. 

-          "turn on" monitoring for various services (files, ports, procs)
that appear, but are not configured. And "turn off" monitoring for others.


Is there a site or sites - or mailing list archive - you can recommend? I
keep ending up on the same few pages with links to empty repositories, or
referencing files I can't find.


Thank you,



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