Dead clients reappear in ghost client list

Uddin, Enaze Enaze.Uddin at
Fri Feb 21 20:40:24 CET 2020

I am having an issue where after removing a dead client from Xymon (deleting from host.cfg and issuing './xymon/server/etc/bin/xymon "drop [HOSTNAME]"' it shows up again in the ghostlist. I have a script to read the ghostlist to add any clients that deploy on the network and delete them if a status color for a test matches criteria I specify. Essentially, my script adds clients it sees in the ghostlist and deletes them if they are terminated.

After termination, the host is still listed under the ghost list and my script adds a dead/terminated host to Xymon, where no reports are made because the client does not exist. Am I doing something wrong like not clearing temp/var files? I have tried clearing files under /hist /histlogs /hostdata and /rrd yet that does not solve it.

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