ascertaining the xymon server used

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So are you asking, “How do I find the IP address of the Xymon server without having to look for the xymonclient.cfg file (or any files it includes)?” With the reason that that file can be in multiple places due to differences in packaging of the Xymon client application.

The answer is to run your script from inside the xymoncmd executable.

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Subject: ascertaining the xymon server used

scenario:  multiple xymon clients across several environments and linux OS. An unrelated script (ir not xymon related) run as root user, however does need to ascertain the xymon server IP for various system checks.
Is there any "easy" or "simple" manner than can be scripted to ascertain this?  Without some really convuluted logic checking various configuration files that appear to (environment , OS etc dependent) to be in various places ie not always ~xymon/client/etc/xymonclient.cfg, which may then use an include on eg /etc/sysconfig/xymon-client...

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