[Xymon] I need help troubleshooting a xymon issue

Adam Thorn alt36 at cam.ac.uk
Wed Jul 31 17:07:18 CEST 2019

On 31/07/2019 13:00, David Hickenbottom wrote:
> Hi,
> First of all Thank You!  This is a fantastic product.  I have two 
> problems.  The first is with regards to SSL monitoring.  I have a group 
> of 20 or so webservers.  Half monitor the SSL certificate correctly, the 
> others act like they do not see one.
> It looks good from every way I can look at it, but Xymon is not happy!  
> Is there a way for me to see what is going on?
Bit of a guess here: do you need to use SNI 
(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Server_Name_Indication) for the hosts 
where the test fails? Assuming this is the built in sslcert test 
performed by xymonnet, you can run it yourself with e.g.

/usr/lib/xymon/server/bin/xymonnet pr26.imbills.com --noping --no-update

where --no-update will print the test output to stdout rather than 
reporting to your xymon server. (NB that'll run all the xymonnet tests, 
not just sslcert) If you need SNI, you can add --sni=on to that command 
as a test, and/or add "sni" to the relevant line in hosts.cfg.

You can also add --debug to the above xymonnet command, which might or 
might not give you information about the failure.


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