[Xymon] status of disabled alert shows Disabled by: unknown @

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How are you disabling the alert?

Are you asked to login when you click on the disable or acknowledge pages?

I know when I disable via the command line, I get unknown, but using the webpage, it always ask requires

How is your xymon-seccgi secured in your xymon config in apache?  Should be /etc/httpd/conf.d/xymon.conf

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Good day

I am using the Terabithia repo for my Xymon instance.

All is working great an so far no major issues.
Only problem I am struggling with is when I disable a alert the status show -

Disabled until OK

Disabled by: unknown @
Reason: investigating

Where do I need to change to display the name of the authenticated user @ source ip.

Authentication is handled by apache basic authentication.

Kind regards
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