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Phil Crooker Phil.Crooker at orix.com.au
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We've had a similar problem with another service. Looking at the xymonnet man page, there doesn't appear to be a general timeout (http, yes, but not generally). I use an expect script (as an external test) where I can spawn a process (in this case the ldap call). I set a timeout in expect, so if the spawned connection hangs, the timeout triggers and terminates the connection.

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We've run xymon for years, and BB for years before that. We've recently
bumped into a potential problem with xymonnet. In the middle of the
night, all of our tests populated by xymonnet went purple. We think
we've tracked the problem, and attribute it to an ldap query which took
too long to respond. It looks like xymonnet just stopped while it waited
for this query to complete. While it was waiting on this response, none
of the other xymonnet tests were being performed.

The man for xymonnet indicates there is a --timeout=N which determines
how long to wait for a service to accept a connection. Is there some
parameter which will control how long xymonnet can try to get an answer
after connecting?

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