[Xymon] NOPROPYELLOW ignored for one test

Dave "doughnut" Fogarty doughnut at doughnut.net
Wed Sep 19 00:51:17 CEST 2018

I'm having problems with NOPROPYELLOW but only for one test.  It seems to 
completely ignore just that one.


* NOPROPYELLOW is successfully being applied to other tests.
* There is no change when this is the only NOPROPYELLOW host or one of
* There is no change if I use NOPROPYELLOW:+mycustomtest or
* I am not using --nopropyellow option to xymongen.
* It fails when used on the .default. or the specific host line (or both).
* This test is run on one host which reports on behalf of many others.
* I've verified that the test name is correct using xymondboard.
   sudo -u xymon xymoncmd xymon localhost "xymondboard test=mycustomtest"

Any suggestions for my next step in debugging?

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