[Xymon] inconsistent status after PS client install

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On 08/05/18 02:37, Kris Springer wrote:
> I have a number of Windows servers that have had the BBwin client 
> installed for years and has been working fine.  I recently turned off 
> the BBwin client and installed the latest XymonPSclient.  Now I'm 
> getting inconsistent reports in some of the columns on the Xymon 
> webpage.  Specifically the 'uptime', 'svcs', and 'who' columns.  When 
> I look at the 'clientlog' that the Xymon server is receiving from the 
> client, it shows the 'who' data correctly, but it's not getting 
> injested by the Xymon server accurately for some reason.  I have the 
> same PSclient with exact same config installed on many different 
> Windows clients.  Here's the breakout of inconsistencies.
> 1 Win Server 2012 Standard - 'uptime' purple, 'svcs' purple, 'who' purple
> multiple Win Server 2008 R2 Enterprise SP1 - 'uptime' ok, 'svcs' ok, 
> 'who' blank but not purple
> multiple Win 10 Pro - all columns ok
> 1 Win Server 2012 R2 Essentials - all columns ok
> 1 Win Server 2012 R2 Standard - all columns ok
> Anyone have any ideas?
Have you checked the xymon server logs to see if it is truncating the 
reports received? You may need to increase the permitted maximum data 
message size.

> Thank you.
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