[Xymon] Forwarding custom status messages between Xymon servers

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So by customer status messages, do you mean tests (columns) that you create with outside scripts or do you mean communications of existing tests?

So what I do, is I have XYMON2 (to use your naming) as a proxy and a server.  The proxy listens on port 1984, and the server listens on 1985. Then the proxy forwards everything to port 1985 locally and to port 1984 on XYMON1. You have to handle disabling and such a little carefully (cascade those from XYMON1 to XYMON2 port 1985) or a broadcast storm happens. But it works well otherwise.

        ENVFILE /etc/xymon/xymonserver.cfg
        CMD xymond --listen= --pidfile=$XYMONSERVERLOGS/xymond.pid --restart=$XYMONTMP/xymond.chk --checkpoint-file=$XYMONTMP/xymond.chk --checkpoint-interval=600 --log=$XYMONSERVERLOGS/xymond.log --admin-senders=,$XYMONSERVERIP,XYMON1 --store-clientlogs=!msgs

        ENVFILE /etc/xymon/xymonserver.cfg
       CMD $XYMONHOME/bin/xymonproxy --server=XYMON1, --listen= --report=$MACHINE.XYMON2 --no-daemon --pidfile=$XYMONSERVERLOGS/xymonproxy.pid
        LOGFILE $XYMONSERVERLOGS/xymonproxy.log

        ENVFILE /etc/xymon/xymonserver.cfg
        CMD XYMONDPORT=1984 $XYMONHOME/bin/xymonfetch --server=XYMON2 --no-daemon --log-interval=60 --id=1 --pidfile=$XYMONSERVERLOGS/xymonfetch.pid
        LOGFILE $XYMONSERVERLOGS/xymonfetch.log

At the alerts end, XYMON2 monitors XYMON1, and when it can't see it, takes over by copying the alerts.cfg file in place. This is the rule:

        SCRIPT /usr/local/scripts/xymSecondaryTakeOver $NG-IM-ONCALL

Then there is a fall back script:

    SCRIPT /usr/local/scripts/xymSecondaryRelease $NG-IM-ONCALL
    SCRIPT /usr/local/scripts/html_mail.pl $NG-IM-ADMIN

Lastly, XYMON1 handling disables and acknowledgements inf tasks.cfg:

#       DISABLED
        ENVFILE /usr/lib64/xymon/server/etc/xymonserver.cfg
        NEEDS xymond
        CMD xymond_channel --channel=enadis --log=$XYMONSERVERLOGS/distribute.log xymond_distribute \
                --peer=XYMON2:1985 --peer=XYMON3:1985

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To start out, my environment. Two Xymon servers, XYMON1 and XYMON2.  XYMON1 is the master, and XYMON2 is the servant.  At this time, there are a handful of machines using the Xymon client to report on themselves to XYMON2, which is dutifully forwarding that info on to XYMON1 (as expected).  The clients also provide some custom status messages, which are NOT being forwarded from XYMON2 to XYMON1.  I see they are picked up and properly processed by XYMON2, but that's it.

Previously, I had set XYMON2 as just a proxy, and both the client data and the custom status messages were sent to XYMON1.  I can't go back to that, because XYMON1 will be decommissioned in the near future, and I need XYMON2 to take over.  (I also have some other instances that I will eventually need to forward client data and status messages to XYMON2, but that is for later.)  I've looked through so many man pages and can't find anything else that would point to what I might need to set to get this working, so I'm hoping someone on here can help me out.  Or is this functionality that is not meant to work, no matter what I do?

Thank you in advance for your help.
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