[Xymon] Where is the linux client name set?

John Thurston john.thurston at alaska.gov
Sat Sep 16 01:35:13 CEST 2017

It's been a couple of years since I've needed to configure a linux 
client (my Solaris systems are still running their old BB clients). And 
I'm confused with what I'm seeing. This is on a _very_ minimal server 
installation with client; compiled from source.

I have files in ~/client/tmp/ of the form msg.xymonx.state.ak.us.txt (so 
fully-qualified host.domain name). Yet the first line of that file is:
   client xymonx.linux linux

So the message body being sent to the xymon server contains the short 
host name. But the client is writing the file onto the disk with the 
fully-qualified name.

The xymon server reports my client messages as 'ghosts', and correctly 
picks them up if I put a client alias in hosts.cfg
I'd like to do away with that alias.

Where is my linux client picking up this short name?

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