[Xymon] ddns hosts and flapping status...

Metron 6 (six) metron6 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 12 01:29:51 CEST 2017

hello all,

i'm trying to monitor some ddns hosts, but i get some strange results..
in hosts.cfg i have

subpage Metron6-Gateways Metron 6 Gateways
title Metron 6 Gateways metron6-vdsl1.ddns.net metron6-vdsl2.ddns.net metron6-adsl1.ddns.net

and the results are:
WARNING: Flapping status
Tue Sep 12 02:26:15 2017 conn NOT ok : DNS lookup failed
Unable to resolve hostname metron6-adsl1.ddns.net
System unreachable for 287 poll periods (83744 seconds) is alive (23.0 ms)regards,

the hostname is certainly resolvable...
the graph attached is more strange...

Metron 6 (six)

Metron6 at gmail.com
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