[hobbit] Intelligent alerting across multiple servers?

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> Subject: [hobbit] Intelligent alerting across multiple servers?
> Hello everyone,
> We have 3 Xymon servers communicating together and I have noticed they are clever enough to communicate enable/disables across the board. For example if I was to disable a check on the gui from one xymon server it will communicate this with the other 2 and blue them out automatically.


I have a two servers setting for redunancy.

This is a new feature to me as a hobbit 4.2.0 user, which version are you using ?


for blue(maintenance mode) records cloning from one server to the other, we need to dump the blue records on primary and rsync the blue records to secondary and finally reimport blue records into secondary.


> I was wondering if there is something similar for the alerts? We have 3 xymons for redundancy however as far as I can tell if I set up the alerts config on all 3 then we are going to get 3x identical alerts. Is there any way they can talk to each other and only send out one?

To avoid alert duplication from secondary servers with hobbit 4.2.0 ,  we need to write a perl script to check primary from secondary. if primary has outage of network connection or hobbit server is down then we enable alert module of secondary hobbbit server. at any given time only one hobbit server is allowed to send out alerts.


So are you configuring all your hobbit clients to send message to all three servers ?

This not a concern for a LAN setting but it may become a problem if the deployment is at the scale of thousands of clients and sending message across WAN the has smaller wan pipe.




> Many thanks
> James
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