[Hobbit] URLPlus interest - looking for feedback

Gary Baluha gumby3203 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 18:34:50 CEST 2009

For those of you who have been around here for a while, you will have
noticed that I've been somewhat absent of late.  The short story is, I have
changed jobs and just don't get as many opportunities to check in as I used
to.  This also means I have left my reasons for working on URLPlus behind,
which is why development of it has stopped.

The purpose of this post is because I have gotten a few requests from time
to time about URLPlus, and I'm curious what the interest in me getting back
to developing it would be.  I've been out of the loop as far as new features
in the latest version of Hobbit being worked on, but from what I understand,
while there are more web page monitoring features built-in, there are still
some things where URLPlus could be useful.

So, I would be interested in the following feedback:
1) Is there still demand for more robust website content checking features
than what Hobbit supports out of the box?
2) If so, what are the features missing in Hobbit that people are looking
3) For those who have chosen to use URLPlus, what are the reasons for that,
versus using some other Hobbit plugin (or for that matter, some other
monitoring tool)?
4) Finally, for those that are using URLPlus, what additional features would
you like to see it be capable of doing?

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