[hobbit] BBwin issue

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just to make sure, you have checked if there is a "valid" and working connection (for example via a telnet) between the machine running the hobbit client and the machine running the Hobbit Server, correct?

If some servers can connect and some can't although you copied the registry settings and hobbit files from a working to a non working, this rather points to a network issue then an hobbit issue.

Hope this helps a bit.

Jef Jagers

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Hey again everyone,

I don't know if this is the correct place to ask this for the bbwin client
but i am having some issues and i figure most of you have probably used

The issue i am having is that they are not reporting to xymon.  I have some
windows servers that are local machines that work and some that don't.
With the ones that are working i am copying the files and putting them on
the ones that dont work.  I have tried local mode. central mode and the
keys in the registry are correct as well.  It is saying in the log file it
cant find the log.fetch thingy but that is in the logs for the working ones
too.   Hmmm

I was wondering if anyone came across this as well?


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