[hobbit] Alternate view for Management

Harold J. Ballinger hballinger at heritage-healthcare.com
Tue Jul 28 19:07:09 CEST 2009

It sounds like you're suggesting that I could create a separate "bb-hosts-management" config file that would have the alternate configuration and layout for management (including using the NAME tag to provide friendly hostnames), then have bbgen use the "bb-hosts-management" config to create a BB3.html or something similar that is the management view.

Am I understanding you correctly?

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On Thu, Jul 23, 2009 at 13:33, Harold J.
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> I know that there are a lot of you out there that are smarter than me and
> that know Xymon inside and out. Am I trying to get Xymon to do something
> that it just isn't capable of performing? I hate to have to build and manage
> a separate Xymon server that is just for the management view and reporting
> so that I can have this "Friendly View" type of report, but would that be my
> best option at this point?

Barring further advice, instead of building a separate server...

You could create a script that runs sed or perl or whatever to make
the "Friendly view" page. I do something like this (call bash/sed a
few times, admittedly only via bb-display.sh on BB for now) for some
supplemental reports (e.g. company-wide sortable list of backup
status/size). There are at least three options for deploying such a
  A) Change [bbdisplay] in hobbitlaunch.cfg to run a script that calls
bbgen (as usual) then runs this script. Best if needed often and must
be synchronized with other pages.
  B) Add section in hobbitlaunch.cfg for it. Best if needed often but
no need for synchronization. My xymon site has two bbgen launches:
once for grouping by type, a second time for grouping by location
(bbgen --pageset).
  C) Add as a CGI (on-demand, like the rrdtool graphs, etc.) rather
than a static page. Best if rarely needed.

If it's only a few rows then hardcoded values will suffice. It could
become scalable and maintainable if the script uses values from
bbhostgrep or something similar.

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