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DKDeckert at Hormel.com DKDeckert at Hormel.com
Fri Jul 17 20:02:34 CEST 2009


Hey i was poking around the mailing list and i couldn't find a feasible
solution to editing the emails....i understand you can change some things
with the hobbit-alerts and how its plaintext,sms, ect...ect

What i am looking for is a little different.

Currently we receive emails that look like this

br><br><FONT SIZE=+2><b>User Count Check</b></FONT> (pfin)<hr>
    Oracle Users in pfin:      414

<br>   &clear User check: Disabled

<br><br><FONT SIZE=+2><b>Tablespace Check</b></FONT> (pfin)<hr>
<br>   &green Tablespace pfin:ZXX totals 10.0Mb and is <B>1%</B> used.
<br>   &green Tablespace pfin:ZXD totals 10.0Mb and is <B>1%</B> used.
<br>   &green Tablespace pfin:ZPBX totals 10.0Mb and is <B>1%</B> used.
<br>   &green Tablespace pfin:ZPBD totals 10.0Mb and is <B>1%</B> used.
<br>   &green Tablespace pfin:XLEX totals 10.0Mb and is <B>1%</B> used.
<br>   &green Tablespace pfin:XLED totals 10.0Mb and is <B>1%</B> used.
<br>   &green Tablespace pfin:VERTEXOIC totals 100.0Mb and is <B>14%</B>
<br>   &green Tablespace pfin:VERTEX totals 6144.0Mb and is <B>84%

This is in html tag....and shows all the green statuses too......how can i
get it to only display the link to the page and what is red......and i want
a custom subject as well.........also the tags make it hideous.

I dont even know if i can........if i cannot awsome, because than i dont
have to do the work and than one part of my project is finished....

Thanks everyone....

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