Xymon New Server Advice

mv652 at softhome.net mv652 at softhome.net
Mon Jul 6 10:21:13 CEST 2009


I have two main questions but thought it best to split them up in two 
separate mails. 

My first question is regarding an 'upgrade' or 'new install' of Xymon. 

I've been using Xymon 4.2.3 on a 'test' system for the past few months.  Now 
that I feel more comfortable working with the system, creating external 
scripts etc. I'd like to move it into a 'production' server. 

a) Which Linux distribution is known to be the most stable to manage the 
Xymon server.
Note* - I don't want to start any flame wars regarding various 
distributions, just an honest assesment of the distribution that should give 
me least problems with binaries, dependancies etc. 

b) Is the 4.3.0 beta 2 version stable enough to put into production?  Are 
there any major known issues I need to be aware of? 

c) Would you recommend an upgrade or rather a clean install of the Xymon 
server? - I'm not too concerned about losing the past months stats at this 

d) Is there anything else I need to take into consideration? 


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