[hobbit] Need help, or new feature request - Indent host.

shea_greg at emc.com shea_greg at emc.com
Fri Jul 3 17:31:51 CEST 2009

Hi Vernon,
How about using the COMMENT: tag in bb-hosts?
I use this for a number of this like adding the URL for a Dell RAC, or
differeniating between
ESX server and the Service Console.
X.X.X.X    esx01             # noconn
X.X.X.X    esx01             # testip COMMENT:"Serv Con"
would give this on the web page
esx01                    *    *    *
esx01 (Serv Con)     *    *    *
Gregory Shea
EMC Corporation


From: Everett, Vernon [mailto:Vernon.Everett at woodside.com.au] 
Sent: Friday, July 03, 2009 12:32 AM
To: hobbit at hswn.dk
Subject: [hobbit] Need help, or new feature request - Indent host.

Hi all
Is there a way to indent a host in the hobbit view?
I want to list my physical host in the standard view, followed by the
hosted virtual zones (Solaris 10 here) after it.
But I want a way to see at a glance which are physical and which are
I was thinking a display that looked something like this
HostA                   *       *       * 
        VHost1          *       *       * 
        VHost2          *       *       *
HostB                   *        *       *
        VHost3          *       *       * 
        VHost4          *       *       * 
Is there a way of doing this?
If not, can I add this as a feature request?
Maybe an indent keyword in the bb-hosts tags?
Possibly even take it a step further, and add indent[index] to allow for
further indents of more than one tab?
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