[hobbit] Multiple Hobbit server clusters

Iain M Conochie iain at shihad.org
Thu Jul 2 11:52:06 CEST 2009

j.sansford at ntlworld.com wrote:
> Oooh, interesting. Although I'm not entirely sure this is what I need.
> The reason why we wish to have a hobbit (sorry, xymon..I'm still used to the old name!) in each data centre is in case our inter-data centre links go down.
> For example, currently we only have a xymon server at site B. If the link between A and B went down, we would suddenly have no visibility of any clients in site A. Therefore we wish to have xymon servers in site A, B and C monitoring local clients to that data centre. The issue is that we do not want to have to view 3 separate xymon server pages to see the status overall, hence why I wan't all three to communicate to each other. So Xymon A can send A results to B and C, Xymon B can send B results to A and C etc.
> Is this possible? I can't immediately see a way to do this with a proxy, as it just seems to be adding another layer, that would still have to send out results to all 3 xymons (so brings me back to the original situation of having each client send to all 3 xymons anyway, which is something we don't really want to do).

Depending on how many servers you can have in your hobbit cluster, you 
could try something like this:

Have a BBPROXY server in each data center. This will also be a network 
tester for just that data center. You can set this up using the 
BBLOCATION tag in hobbitserver.cfg file. You then separate off your 
BBDISPLAY servers. You could have 2 in different datacenters. You then 
get you proxy (and network testers) to update the 2 display servers and 
all your clients to update both display servers. This will require 5 

Now obviously you will need to come up with some sort of failover 
between the 2 display servers. You could use Load Balancing (100 0 
ratio) or some sort of DNS failover.



> Or have I mis-interpreted the use of the proxy?
> Ta!
> James

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