[hobbit] Xymon hosts database.

david.peters at dpi.nsw.gov.au david.peters at dpi.nsw.gov.au
Thu Jul 2 01:27:33 CEST 2009

The beauty of having this stuff stored in a rdbms is that management 
reporting for inventory, replacement cycles etc is relatively easy.

I dont understand why the default option would not be to store the data in 
an rdbms which underlies xymon, rather than a million other options. Take 
MythTV for example, mysql is the underlying source of all configuration 
and pointer information.

I have for example had to write reports to take data out of hobbit for 
management reporting on outages etc. RRDTool is great for extracting the 
metrics, but why would you not prefer 'Select * from' in order to generate 
management reports for all the other information?

David Peters

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Joe <joe at tmsusa.com>
hobbit at hswn.dk
02/07/2009 03:50 AM
Re: [hobbit] Xymon hosts database.

david.peters at dpi.nsw.gov.au wrote: 

I think I have posted this quite a while ago but it is still on my mind. 
We currently configure the hosts, pages etc using a windows database and 
windows front end that I wrote quite some time ago. I keep getting the 
urge to convert it to a linux database and a web frontend. However I would 
not do this if there is no interest in using it. 

The point is that you never touch the bb-hosts file and all configuration 
of hosts and layouts is done via a user interface. 

Is there any interest in this? 
Is there anyone willing to help? 
If so I was going to convert to mysql and either php or perl cgi. Any 
comments on this? 

We have 400 odd hosts here and have pages split by priority, service, 
location, and support group all on the front page but all configured via 
the database. 

Currently the bb-hosts is built via a perl script that extracts the 
database and then generates a main bb-hosts file plus include files for 
each sub-page. 

I would definitely be interested in this - I have some modest experience 
with the LAMP stack, and also have some LAMP servers (ubuntu and SLES) 
available for testing and development.

Let me know -


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