[hobbit] Xymon hosts database.

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> Subject: Re: [hobbit] Xymon hosts database.
> We store information on our systems in LDAP for a variety of reasons.
> * Many existing applications (Postfix, Puppet) can use LDAP data
> * LDAP tools are pre-installed on most systems
> * It's available in most scripting environments (Shell, Python,
> PHP, Perl)
> * The data can be viewed and edited in many ways (including plain-
> text)
> * The data's structure is more flexible than a spreadsheet or RDBMS
> * We're going to have an LDAP server anyway (for authentication)
> * It's easy for people to read and gather information
> * It's easy for machines and automated processes to read and gather
> information
> And yes, much of our bb-hosts file is generated from data in LDAP. :)

This reminded me one of my old prototype projects in BB era,
Storing host inventory information in iPlanet ldap server.

It is doable if you control your own ldap server. Creating a LDIF subtree in corporat root LDIF could be very difficult for not technical reasion.
I think Having ldap server store both Human and Machine information at one place is cool;)

also one of my requirement is to create
a cool(easy) GUI for people to update a host's information easily over the web. Currently I am fond of extjs' editor grid. it is very much like Excel's clickm,edit and update(on a real db).
Not sure if EXTJS(or Jquery alike) can work with ldap db backend. 

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